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About Koranda Companies, Inc.
Koranda Companies, Inc. is family-owned and operated in Festus, MO, since we began in Jefferson County in 1993.  We design and build custom cabinetry, countertops, mantles, entertainment centers, bookshelves, storage/closet units and furniture.  We also provide cabinet re-facing, stock cabinetry and accessories.

Our products are custom-designed at the time of order.  Our customers are pleasantly suprised that they can buy custom cabinets and tops for the same price or less than pre-fabricated ones at the big box retailers!
The cabinetmaker in the shop
Custom made doors, being stained
Thanks to websites like Houzz and Pinterest, if you can dream it (or Pin it) we can build it.  No more settling for box cabinets that only come in certain sizes and colors.  No more paying incredible mark-ups for minor modifications or extras.  We take your pictures and ideas, create a design to fit your space, build it and install it.